Fontomfrom - African Music of Antiquity - Akan, Ghana, West Africa


Some  drummers at Ghanaian Ashanti culture 
"This is called the fontomfrom drum was played in the past to gather people and send message across ..the drummers are always strong and look Buffy"
Very popular in traditional music from Ghana, the Fontomfrom Ensemble is used to communicate royal messages in Ashanti tribal settings, as well as to play some popular. The energetic poly-rhythms created with these drums can be extremely complex, and is usually very loud given the size and purposes of the drums. 

Fontomfrom is a type of talking drum mostly used by an ensemble to communicate royal
messages in an 
Ashanti tribal setting. The Fontomfrom ensemble provides music for ceremonies honoring Ashanti chiefs and royal processions. The fontomfrom is also used to recite proverbs or replicate patterns of speech at most royal gatherings or a durbar.

The fontomfrom evolved from the popular hourglass-shaped drum (talking drum) of the
7th century. Little after the evolution a few more non-hourglass shapes such as the Dunan, Sangban, Kenkeni and Ngoma drums were produced

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Fontomfrom -  African Music of Antiquity - Akan, Ghana, West Africa