Did God send Trump to save humanity? This Egyptian philosopher thinks so!

Sisi has said Trump won elections because his
US President Donald Trump was sent by God to save mankind from Daesh, an Egyptian academic and philosopher has said.
In an interview with state television this week, Murad Wahba said that divine intervention had led to Trump beating out Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in elections last year.
"Without exaggerating, if Clinton had come into power we would have fallen into a civilisational disaster," Wahba said.
"This is why [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah] al-Sisi is excited about Trump because he has saved civilisation," he added.

The controversial academic said that Sisi had similarly been sent by God to end the rule of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, which according to him had planned to establish an Islamic Caliphate in Egypt similar to Daesh in Syria and Iraq.
He also blamed the success of the Muslim Brotherhood on secret orders former US President Barack Obama had issued to high-ranking military officials while visiting the North African country in 2009.
Wahba's comments came as Trump made a controversial executive order to ban the travel of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.
The controversial executive order singled out citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to prevent "radical Islamic terrorists" from entering the US.
But eyebrows have been raised when Egypt, which has endured high-profile terror attacks throughout 2016, was omitted from Trump's list.
The US president still maintains positions in two companies that has ties to businesses in Egypt, and has on several occasions shown support for Sisi.
Sisi has said Trump won elections because his "honesty and truthfulness" touched the hearts and souls of voters. Since coming into office, Trump has already committed to providing military assistance to Egypt.
Sisi, who assumed power in 2014 following the ousting of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, has painted himself as a regional leader in the fight against Islamic militancy – a stance that echoes Trump's priorities.
Last year, Sisi described himself as a doctor sent by God to diagnose and cure Egypt of its many ailments.