Nigerian man publicly admits to having tried to force himself on a woman, says "15-year-old girls and beyond can't be raped by a single man

Nigerian journalist, Lara Wise shared comments left on her Facebook post by a man, who publicly admitted to having tried to rape a woman after she rebuffed his sexual advances.
He went further to say females older than 15 cannot be raped by a single man. Below is Lara's post and Emmanuel's comments:

"Somebody should please help our daughters and sisters by protecting them against this animal with toxic hormones.
Emmanuel Emiaso is his name and here is what he thinks about rape. No kidding,  I want to puke.
Only God knows how many girls have fallen victim of his ravenous libido.
Only God knows how many of such girls are hurting presently, their femnity brutally crushed like rose petals in a stampede.
No kidding, I want to puke.

And the fact that he had the temerity gloat over his assault is what I can't get over.
Somebody please help!
This man is a rapist and he is onbyje loose, lurking  nearby, perhaps, for his next victim.
Please help!