Photos: Ogun State government demolishes over 360 Shanties


Today, Ogun state Commissioner for Urban and Regional Planning, Mrs Ronke Shokefun led a team to demolish over 360 shanties and illegal structures in the state.
While monitoring the exercise at the Sagamu end of the Ore/Sagamu Expressway, she said the indiscriminate parking of trailers and erection of shanties remained a crime punishable under the state laws.

According to Shokefun, the demolition exercise is aimed at checking the rate at which people erect illegal structures across the state.  She said, “It’s been long coming. As you can see, they are mostly shacks; they are illegal structures, the demolition won’t have become this extensive if they hadn’t become a menace.  Trucks park here overnight from a couple of hours into the night you start seeing them and sometimes it’s a total blockade and people travelling either towards Ijebu Ode or coming out of there, heading towards Lagos sometimes can’t even pass'.  

“So, it has become a menace, a security threat, to citizens. As you know, the first responsibility of the governor is the security of lives and properties. So, we took that decision at the Executive Council meeting to clear this place and naturally, it falls within the purview of the Ministry of Urban and Regional Planning.”