Governor Rochas Okorocha spent 520m on South Africa's president; Jacob Zuma's statue in Imo State, Nigeria

Zuma state
Zuma state

A state government in Nigeria has honoured South Africa's President Jacob Zuma with a giant bronze statue, and by naming a road after him.
During a visit to the south-eastern state of Imo on Saturday and Sunday, Mr Zuma was given a chieftancy title and the Imo Merit Award - the highest honour awarded by the region.

The Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNC), a coalition of more than 150 anti-corruption organisations in Nigeria, condemned state governor Rochas Okorocha for portraying Mr Zuma as a "hero before a group of African youth" when he has been dogged by corruption allegations for a decade.
"Is Governor Okorocha not aware that the people of South Africa are currently demanding for the resignation of a leader who has brought shame and dishonour to the country of Nelson Mandela?” it added in a statement.

The news has also been met with incredulity by many on Twitter: