Kenyan woman in court over plastic ban

Woman collecting plastic bags

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Plastic bags were banned in Kenya earlier this year
A Kenyan woman has appeared in court for contravening the law banning the use of plastic bags, privately-owned Standard newspaper reports. 
Nancy Wangari Robert, a trader at a market in Nyeri, central Kenya, is facing charges of being in possession of 17 plastic bags.

She was released on bail of two million Kenya shillings ($10,000; £7,600)
Her brother Evanson Kinyanjui acted as guarantor by depositing a land title deed for a piece of land valued at $77,000.
She will appear again in court on 15 November.
The plastic ban came into effect on 28 August. It bans the use, manufacture and importation of all plastic bags.
Those found guilty face fines of up to $38,000 or prison sentences of up to four years.