Anti-rape condom for women

Female Condoms With Sharp Teeth Is Combating Rape Cases
After forty long years of research, experiment and hardworking, a South African doctor Sonnet Ehlers invented a female condom with razor-sharp spikes that aims to discourage the rape cases. Despite some objections and controversies, these teeth containing female condoms (originally named as Rape-aXe ) are extremely horrible to rapists.

It took forty years, but a doctor in South Africa came up with a way to deter rape with these innovative female condoms that have sharp teeth on them

#1 New Female Condom

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, from South Africa, thinks she found a way to stop rapists in their tracks with her new female condom.

#2 Rape-Axe

Originally named Rape-Axe, the condom is inserted the woman into her vagina, like a tampon

#3 Like A Roach Trap

The guy goes in, but he can't get out. Once his penis enters the female condom, the sharp teeth prevent him from pulling back out, causing him severe pain.

#4 Escape

The man will be in so much pain, it can give the woman a chance to get away. The product was born after a patient told Dr. Ehlers ''If only I had teeth down there.' The doctor made up her mind to do something about it.


#5 $2 A Piece

The doctor gave away 30,000 of her female condoms at the World Cup. While they are not yet publicly available, they will be $2 a piece once they launch.